Kinesiology is the science of energy balancing & is grounded in the science of anatomy & physiology.

As used in the complimentary health & natural medicine field Kinesiology is defined as the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical, emotional & other energy to establish the body’s priority healing needs.

A fundamental premise of Kinesiology is that the body has an innate healing ability & is doing the best it can to heal itself. Always the answer is somewhere within us.

Muscle monitoring is a natural feedback system which receives information via nerve pathways & the meridian system, of the brain & body which give instant access to holistic information held by the entire mind-body system.

In a Kinesiology session, muscle monitoring is used to access neural control & thought process in addition to information from the musculoskeletal system. This results in the ability to identify stressors & limiting thought patterns specific to an individual & in this way Kinesiology taps into energies that other modalities do not assess. 

    Connect your inner wisdom to balance your Mind-Body-Spirit




    Kinesiology aims to assist with:

    • Structural & biomechanical issues
    • Muscle bone & joint pain
    • Sports Injuries
    • Fears & phobias
    • Fatigue, tiredness & insomnia

    As well as:

    • Nervous disorders & emotional issues
    • Overcoming past traumas
    • Building your personal power
    • Positive realisation of your own unique potential
    • Overall wellbeing


    Kinesiology does not treat or diagnose named diseases, nor does it prescribe. Kinesiology is concerned with imbalances in the body’s energy.


     Each Kinesiology balance is unique & honours the persons own healing potential and aims to alleviate stress and energy imbalances. An unlocking muscle test indicates a disturbed energy flow – be it structural, chemical, nutritional, mental, emotional or spiritual. Kinesiology identifies where and why a function is blocked and then facilitates a release that honours the persons own healing process. This session includes 60 minutes of Kinesiology balancing.


    Integrative Kinesiology Plus Massage combines all of the modalities of an Integrative Kinesiology session plus the addition of a 45minute Remedial Massage focusing on any areas of concern as identified through your Kinesiology balance. This session includes 75 minutes of Integrative Kinesiology Plus 45 minutes of Remedial Massage making this Integrative Kinesiology plus massage session 120 minutes in total.



    Integrative Kinesiology is a combination of holistic healing therapies including Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym® & Heart Healing Kinesiology which addresses the heart-brain integration and heart centred healing to alleviate fear based involuntary or degenerative emotions and balancing the body’s subtle energies. Chakra & Energy Health Healing may also be used during this Integrative Kinesiology session lasting 90 minutes.

    KINESIOLOGY: Optimum wellness through mind body therapies

    The effectiveness & non- invasive approach of kinesiology & balancing your energy systems keep your mind -body & spirit aligned. Optimizing wellness through mind body therapies & your ability to adapt to the constant changes of life are improved.


    “Connect your inner wisdom to balance your Mind-Body-Spirit.”

    Look after your body today for a healthier tomorrow.