Remedial Massage Brisbane Paddington at Integrated Mind Body

Release, Repair & Recover with Remedial Massage.

Due to our modern – although all unique and different – lifestyles, our body is subjected to different stressors: poor posture, repetitive tasks, muscle overuse, stress and fatigue. 

Don’t let muscle tension settle and become chronic pain. 

Using different soft tissue techniques, including Fascial Release, Myoskeletal Techniques, Sports, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint loosening & Mobilization , Remedial Massage is a therapeutic intervention which can address specific body ailments. 

Remedial Massage Brisbane Paddington at Integrated Mind Body
BOOK NOW if you are after an Effective Treatment to:
  • Reduce Neck and Shoulder tension, therefore headaches
  • Lessen Lower Back pain
  • Relieve Sciatic pain
  • Release trigger point and muscular stiffness
  • Promote muscle flexibility
  • Speed-up the recovery of muscle strains and injuries
  • Prevent injuries
  • Relieve pain and discomfort related to Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
  • Release Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Help with Insomnia
  • Boost your Immune System

The physical pre-assessment to locate the area of problem – and the condition associated to it – combined with the medical history will help to define the right approach for the treatment. In some cases, a few sessions in a short period of time are necessary to eliminate or reduce the pain, restore the lost function or re-balance the muscle length and suppleness. Following this treatment phase, we recommend a regular session to help to maintain optimum health rather than treating the condition when it is in the acute stage.

Like for exercise and proper nutrition, consistency is the key. Keep a regular treatment to help maintain Optimum Health. 

Look after your body today for a healthier tomorrow.