REIKI, Rei- meaning higher power or universal energy and Ki- meaning life energy, pronounced ‘rei-key’ is a Japanese form of therapy that aims to increase energy levels & promote physical, mental, emotional wellbeing.

Reiki/energy healing is a gentle yet powerful holistic method of balancing the person on all levels, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Various methods are applied both hands on or hands off the body, depending on the individual and what their needs are. It can also be performed by distance.

Reiki is a non-invasive gentle touch modality that balances the whole energy system through balancing the Chakra and Meridian systems. Energy Healing session may also include vibrational healing, focusing techniques and guided meditation bringing harmony back to the body by relaxing the mind and emotions and calming the spirit.

Reiki enables any negative patterns to surface and be recognized, then dealt with safely, removing the cause of stress.

    Connect your inner wisdom to balance your Mind-Body-Spirit



    Reiki may contribute to a person’s wellbeing by:

    • Inducing deep relaxation
    • Relief of stress & anxiety
    • Easing muscle tension
    • Promoting pain relief
    • Assisting the body’s natural healing process


    • Improving energy
    • Integrating Clarity of thought
    • Improving overall wellbeing
    • Energizing & balancing the whole body
    • Promoting spiritual growth & self-awareness


    Experience Reiki/energy healing to nurture you on your journey to optimal health and wellbeing

    • Reiki and energy healing are not treatments for illness or disease, nor do they prescribe. They are concerned with imbalances in the body’s energy.
    • Reiki is a complimentary therapy in that it works alongside other medical & therapeutic techniques. It is currently being provided in many hospitals, nursing homes, palliative care hospices & community care settings.
    • The system of Reiki works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to support the relief of side effects, reduce pain & promote wellness.

    Reiki/energy healing balances the whole energy system bringing harmony back to the body by relaxing the mind and emotions and calming the spirit


    “Connect your inner wisdom to balance your Mind-Body-Spirit.”

    Look after your body today for a healthier tomorrow.